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Git merges gone wrong, rebase woes, private git/ssh hosting, cvs/subversion migration, bisect, branching strategies, continuous integration issues, forks of third-party npm/python modules... I've dealt with just about everything git-related. I can help your team master git.
Let me bring your team up-to-speed with the latest practices in source code management (SCM). I have the talent to get your engineers on the same page, become more effective in their source control workflows, and build unified teamwork in a distributed SCM world. Don't let the steeper learning curve of git hold back your company's raw talent.
Make me an extension of your team. Whether you need some help working through your current git problems, or you simply want to train one of your team members as a git expert, I have the patience and know-how to bring maximum source control efficiency to your workflows.

Other Consulting


I've been doing Linux since kernel 1.2.13, almost 20 years ago. From barely-capable embedded systems to supercomputers, I've enabled projects that combine the best of both open-source and proprietary worlds. I thrive on architecting solutions that utilize cutting-edge open technology, and I love to be able to give back to the community when I can.

Embedded Systems

My rich background in the OpenWRT distribution on Qualcomm, Marvel, Broadcom, and TI CPU/SOCs is a valuable starting point for any Linux-based hardware project. I've enabled routers, home automation, consumer media, military-grade security, and surveillance projects on dozens of hardware platforms. In one form or another, most of these projects utilized WiFi (802.11) which I would implement and debug to perform well.

Expert In...

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP, BIND, postfix, GNU Make, TCP/IP networking, 802.11, IPv6, C, git, JavaScript or ECMAScript, Python, Node.js, React, Amazon Web Services (AWS), EC2, Java, Continuous Integration (CI), Bamboo, Apple HomeKit, Contiki OS, SSL/TLS, security, device driver optimization, x86/IA32, MIPS, and ARM assembly, OpenWRT, OpenEmbedded, VxWorks, HTML, JSON, bash shell scripts, Ubuntu, Debian, RedHat, Cygwin, MinGW, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X.

The Jeff Hansen Advantage


I'm not trying to sell my (or anyone else's) product, giving you clear, unbiased information that is revelant and (actually) useful. If your current workflow needs optimization, I will be straightforward and upfront about what needs to happen. My wide range of experiences enables me to select the optimal technologies for your company.


When schedules are tight, I'm usually the go-to guy for rapidly implementing and deploying complicated solutions. I perform under pressure and quickly come up with architectures that stand the test of time. Some wonder if my rapid finger movement comes from my 1990 title of 11-and-under Nintendo World Champion.


I've literally been programming computers since I was six-years-old, starting off with BASIC (GWBASIC), then moving on to Assembly and C over the next few years. I started my own Linux-based Internet Service Provider at the age of 16, and I still haven't let up in my passion for solving any problem using a terminal and some code.

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